HPWY is mainly engaged in the design of coking process, supply of completed equipment and EPC, which possesses abundant technological strength and rich practice experience, keeps close relations with domestic and foreign design institutes and scientific research institutes, continuously innovates new coking process, technology and equipment, and makes outstanding advantages and proud achievements specializing in 4.3m and 6m top charging carbonization oven, 4.3m and 5.5m coke oven with stamping charging, dry quenching, de-dusting at coking side, gas purification, “A-S” gas de-sulfur, coal tar processing, and crude benzene refining process.
    HPWY is capable of providing technologies of heat recovery coke oven with stamping charging and conventional mechanical coke oven. For heat recovery coke oven, we can provide from coal washing, coking, desulphur to waste heat recovery power generation.  For conventional coke oven, we can provide from coal washing, coal preparation, coking, gas purification and by products recovery, coal tar refining, crude benzene refining, methane recovery from coke oven gas, CDQ (coke dry quenching), etc.

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