Ferroalloy design, whole set of equipment supply and EPS & EPC projects are the main business of HPWY, which has possessed advanced technological strength, project execution ability and experience and reliable process and equipment.
    Project scope of ferroalloy includes: Ferrosilicon,Chromium alloy, Manganese alloy, silicon alloy, tungsten alloy, molybdenum alloy, Calcium silicon alloy, Ferrotitanium alloy, ferrovanadium alloy, Nitride alloy, composite alloy and so on.
    We can supply various submerged arc furnaces with the capacity of 1800kVA,3000 kVA,6000 kVA,9000 kVA,12500 kVA,20000 kVA,25000 kVA,33000 kVA,45000 kVA,6000kVA. The type includes semi-closed and stationary furnace, closed and stationary furnace, closed and rotated furnace, and low portable cover furnace, which have been applied in many alloy projects at home and abroad.


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