HPWY is mainly engaged in medium and small blast furnace design, equipment supply, EPS and EPC; devoted to research and development of the new iron making technology, processing and equipment and has possessed several advanced technologies. By many projects design and construction practice, HPWY has accumulated the rich experience in design and construction and created the very beneficial conditions to make blast furnace “high output, quality, low energy consumption, long span life, high efficiency and environment friendly”. The technology and experience are mainly as follows:
    Blast furnace charging system without relay and nut coke recovery
    New bell less top charging system
    Multi-body vibration screening
    Bell less top water-cooled airtight box
    Replacement of burden distribution chute
    Blast furnace multi-ring burden distribution
    Lower and shaft blast furnace with high efficient and low energy consumption
    Blast furnace round cast-house
    Ring crane of blast furnace round cast-house
    Full hydraulic tap hole drill
    Short hydraulic pressure mud gun
    High power short flame burner of top combustion type hot blast furnace
    Application and technique of new type castable for  slag and iron trough
    DC/AC frequency-converter technology for motor starting of large blower
    New automation control technique for iron making
    Blast furnace integrated cast steel cooling stave
    Low-pressure pulse bag filter dust removing technology of blast furnace gas
    New knockout mechanism of mud-gun and muzzle array
    Long distance and compact coal injection
    Top charging technique by belt conveyor
    Gas dry type bag filter dust removing technology
    Top gas pressure Recovery Turbine (TRT)
    Slag treatment by rotary drum dewatering
    Soft water sealing circulation cooling technology
    Ceramic cup structure of BF hearth and bottom
    HPWY is capable of design and construction dimension ranging over a wide of 180 m3, 210 m3, 250 m3, 300 m3, 350 m3, 380 m3, 400 m3, 450 m3, 500 m3, 550 m3, 600 m3, 750 m3, 1000 m3, 1080 m3, 1200 m3 and 1800 m3.


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