HPWY actively keeps up with the new technology, process and equipments in sintering field at home and abroad, continuously conducts technical innovation, makes full use of the advantages of combination of industry and trade, continuously summarizes and absorbs production experiences and technical achievements, upgrades the technical level and facility level of sintering technology. Currently the advanced techniques adopted in sintering field are: thick material layer sintering, low temperature ignition,mini-pellet sinter (MPS), waste heat recovery, sintering machine flexible transmission device, new type low gas consumption sintering ignition furnace, high temperature resistant long life sintering machine trolley, mixed material feeding control device and special air box sealing device. HPWY has advanced design concept in the designing of circular cooler revolving device, sealing, feeding hopper, waste heat use, driving device, discharge crankshaft and horizontal track etc.

The scale of sinter plants HPWY can provide includes18 m2,24 m2,36 m2,40 m2,50 m2,75 m2,105 m2,150 m2,200 m2,275 m2,300 m2,360 m2 , etc. Sintering machinesstrip sintering machine, circular-traveling grate sintering machine and horizontal-traveling sintering machine. Large and medium scale sintering plants are generally equipped by linier sintering machine matched with circular cooler while the small scale sintering works by circular-traveling sintering machine or horizontal-traveling sintering machine.

HPWY has possessed achievements ranging from 24 m2 to 360m2 sintering projects in relation to engineering design and construction.

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