Beijing Huipeng Weiye Industry & International Trade Co., Ltd (HPWY) is a professional company specialized in export of engineering technology,equipment and complete factory for Metallurgical Industry, Coal Chemical Industry, and Chemical Industry. The company is in services on hundreds of customers in China and the world with network of more than 2000 professionals and has partnered with dozens of design institutes, scientific research associations and universities.

    We are in position to offer one-stop comprehensive service package and customized service for technical advice, design, equipment supply,construction of complete factory and arrange meeting in person with well-known experts.the company is now an acknowledged leader in China and there are very few other companies that can match the resources of HPWY in this particular field.

    We are into various fields such as coal washing, mineral separation,coking,sintering, pelletization, iron making, steel making, steel rolling,ferroalloy, direct reduction, nonferrous metallurgy, coal chemicals,chemical fertilizer, petroleum chemical industry, environmental protection and energy saving, power station,mining equipment, EPC & EPS projects and metallurgy, mining, rare earth,power equipment for over hundred projects in China and the world. We are diversifying into water supply,sewage treatment, highway project, infrastructure project and electricity transmission etc.

    HPWY has established close cooperation with companies in Russia, Ukraine,India, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Vietnam,Thailand,Cambodia, etc.We are still seeking partners for our service.

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